Keeping it R.E.A.L. in building relationships

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A new year, a new you, a chance to have a fresh new start. So let’s start by talking about relationships.As you work on meaningful relationships consider the R.E.A.L. model when meeting new people. Because remember everything that will happen in your life will happen through a relationship. The art of becoming a savvy relationship builder will enhance your business/career.

The R.E.A.L. model is:
It is necessary to know how to establish and build rapport with people. This is done by taking a sincere interest in the other person. Be interested in finding out things about the people you meet and how you can be a resource for them as synergy is established and you know there has been a connection. An easy way to build rapport is through a simple smile and warm greeting, hello.

Determine that you will encourage conversations when talking with others. You will make your those you talk with you engage in dialogue and not a monologue where you do all the talking. As you dialogue you will find out how much you have in common with others and this can be a source of encouragement to keep the dialogue and relationship moving forward.

It is important to have the right attitude when meeting new people. It is important not to think too highly of yourself. Having an attitude that is gracious, kind and creates an environment where people want to be around you. Attitude is that little factor that shows up in how you walk and talk to others; those non-verbals that speak even when you say nothing. An attitude of gratitude is being happy with yourself and radiating the happiness to others that are around you. It is critical to have the right attitude even in the midst of challenges and chaos. You
choose to look for the positive perspective and determine in your conversation that you will focus on the solutions and how you will be victorious in the situation. It is not seeing the glass half empty or half full but looking at adding ice and bringing a bigger container to the table.

Listening is a simple skill but most people don’t do it well. We hear but we don’t listen. When you truly listen to others it is one of the highest compliments you can pay to others. It lets others know that you value them and that they are important. It shows you care about them enough to stop multi-tasking and focus your attention on them. Practice active listening when
talking to others and watching your relationships improve and become stronger.

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