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TWE is a platform for educating, encouraging, and empowering women to excel in their business pursuits as they aspire to soar in all that they have called to do.

Miss Phyllis Wallace
Miss PDW Enterprises

I have known the multi-talented professional Nancy Lewis since 1999 and throughout those 25 years I have had the honor and privilege to work with her on several different occasions where she has left the client and audience wanting more! Nancy gives REAL TALK coaching, presentations, workshops and other programs to help others become better versions of themselves. She is a true pro! The sum of intelligence plus experience is wisdom, and Nancy brings her eloquent wisdom to every engagement. I highly recommend Nancy to assist you in developing your individuals, your teams and your culture. She leaves everyone better than she found them!

Joseph Machicote
Chief DEI Officer & Cultural Engineer at Premier

I am delighted to recommend Nancy as a superb leadership coach. Having had the privilege of working with Nancy over the past several months, I can confidently attest to her exceptional skills in guiding leaders towards their fullest potential. Nancy brings a unique blend of expertise, empathy, and practical experience to her coaching practice. Her ability to listen deeply, ask insightful questions, and provide constructive feedback is truly remarkable. She creates a supportive and encouraging environment that enables leaders to explore their strengths, address challenges, and develop effective strategies for growth. One of Nancy's greatest strengths is her genuine commitment to helping her clients succeed. She goes above and beyond to understand their individual needs and aspirations, tailoring her approach to ensure maximum impact. Her dedication, professionalism, and passion for leadership development are truly inspiring.

Tony Alston
Director of Community Development at the City of Union City Government

I have had the opportunity to partner with Nancy on her TWE events over the past 10 years. Georgia Power has been a sponsor of TWE as we have seen how the engagement with the women owned businesses has supported the growth of their businesses. Nancy has also worked with us on leadership development of internal team members. We continue to support Nancy and her leadership and entrepreneurial development programs.

Vickie Irwin-Avery
Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur, Servant Leader

About a year ago, after a significant change in my work environment, I had an opportunity to work with Nancy as a coach. Early on in the relationship, I was angry and disgruntled about the changes in my professional life. After beginning my sessions with Nancy, she quietly listented, heard and refocused my perspectives to what matters. It actually took me longer to see her approach than I care to admit, but before I knew it she had worked within the domain of my situation and helped me to rewrite the entire narrative by allowing me to see and experience the value of my journey. A true professional with the breadth of experiences and patience to get you on the path you need to be on.

Alex K.
Senior Advisor, US Federal Agency

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Nancy for over two years as my professional coach. She is honest, to-the-point, and a genuinely nice person to talk to. I very much appreciate her approach to coaching that uses a question-based format instead of a teaching one. We always have open, deep ,and far-ranging conversations about race, equity, ethics, morality, management, and leadership. I highly recommend Nancy as a professional coach!

Antonio Neri
MD, MPH, CAPT, Chief Data Scientist

Looking to build a more inclusive and innovative leadership team? Look no further than Progressive Techniques, Inc.! (#leadershipdevelopment #DEItraining) I have worked with Progressive Techniques, Inc. and been impressed with their commitment to fostering a progressive work environment. Their leadership development programs are top-notch, helping professionals develop the skills they need to thrive in today's dynamic landscape. But what truly sets them apart is their focus on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) training. Progressive Techniques, Inc. equips leaders with the tools and knowledge to create a workplace where everyone feels valued and empowered to contribute their best work. Work with a company you can trust to deliver excellence professional development training to your team.”

Beverly Tate
Founder, beNthemoment

If you want your organization to progress, then the choice is clear: Progressive Techniques, Inc. From the front line to the C-Suite, Nancy Lewis offers a full menu of training and development options and resources for any organization—be it large or small in operation, public or private sector, profit or non-profit driven. Customization and just-in-time approaches are available to ensure solutional success for both leaders and employees alike. Nancy Lewis is always ready, willing, and able to assist you in a time of training and development need!

Craig Southern, Ph.D.
HR Director with State Road & Tollway Authority

I have had the honor of working with Nancy Lewis, President of Progressive Techniques, Inc. as my executive coach. Nancy also conducted management development training for my command staff. As a coach, Nancy partners with you to challenge and transform your thinking, encourages you to look at your competencies and skills, and helps you create a plan to move your career forward. Her wisdom, wit, and expertise as a coach is “First Class.” Nancy is a gifted management development trainer providing you with relevant and practical tools that equip, empower, and propel you to greatness. Nancy’s energy and enthusiasm is magnetic as she connects with her audience leaving you wanting more. If you want your staff to excel, the choice is clear, Nancy Lewis is who you need to contact to help your organization move forward. | highly recommend Nancy as an executive coach and transformational management development trainer. You will be glad you did!

Maria Mckee
Fulton County Marshal”

I am pleased to recommend Nancy Lewis for her outstanding professional coaching services. Nancy's expertise in helping individuals and organizations clarify their vision and develop actionable strategies to bring that vision to life is truly unparalleled. Through her insightful guidance, Nancy assists her clients in identifying their core goals and creating a clear, focused path to achieve them. Her personalized approach ensures that each client feels supported and empowered throughout their journey. Nancy’s ability to break down complex ideas into manageable steps makes the process not only achievable but also inspiring. Her professionalism, dedication, and passion for helping others succeed are evident in every interaction. If you are looking to gain clarity on your vision and discover practical ways to turn your dreams into reality, I highly recommend working with Nancy Lewis. She will undoubtedly help you unlock your potential and achieve your aspirations.

Patrina King, Client
Golf Women Mean Business, Founder & CEO

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